Important Dates
  • 10th December 2021 Deadline for abstract submission

  • 10th December 2021 Notification of abstract acceptance.

  • The Conference Organizing Committee notify abstract submitters within 10 (ten) days of the receipt of their abstract(s). In case you will not have received any reply after this period, please contact , or for clarification

  • 10th December 2021 Deadline for Participants registration

  • 20th December 2021 The publication of the conference program

  • 22th – 25th* December 2021 The Modeling of Nonlinear Processes and Systems (SR-2021)

*Due to production circumstances, the dates of the SR-2021 conference are postponed: The conference will be held from 22.12.2021 to 25.12.2021. Abstracts can be sent by 10.12. inclusive.